Welcome to the magical world of bellydance

Do you want to have fun, get fitter and learn a beautiful dance all at the same time?  Do you want to improve your core strength and coordination far more than you can at the gym?  Did you know there is a great selection of bellydance classes around Maidenhead and Windsor? Bellydance is an ancient art form that can be danced by anybody, it’s great for your fitness and core strength and it will bring a smile to your face while you’re doing it.

We’re busy with the autumn term now and thinking about the performances coming up at Christmas.  Ready to book a class right away?  Head to my classes page to book your lesson.  Do you want to find out more about me first? Then go to About Me.

Do you need more information to help you find the right class for you?  Email me at ellen@shimmies.co.uk, call me on 07736 101 610 or find me on Facebook at Shimmies and Sparkles.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

If you’ve come here looking for Pure Movement classes (Feldenkrais method) these are listed separately under Feldenkrais movement classes

To give you some idea of what you could be doing in just a few months’ time, here are last year’s brand new beginners performing at the Snowflake Spectacular Show:

If you don’t want to just take my word for it this is what the Huffington Post had to say:

9 Reasons every woman should take up bellydancing

So what are you waiting for?  You could be booking your winter lessons now, just follow this link to find out about the fabulous classes that are running this term: Summer term belly dance classes

The stunning banner photography is courtesy of Oakmist photography.  It is one of the most inspiring bellydance pictures I have ever seen – taken from the finale of the ‘Sheikh It’ show, choreographed and performed by the Terrific Trio Bellydancers Natasha Bradley, Cherie Leigh Marshall and Mims Bellydance.   They can be reached at theterrifictriobellydance@gmail.com.  Where there is no specific acknowledgement, photos and selfies on the website are mine ;-).

If you’d like some more inspiration for your bellydance dreams have a look at what the Terrific Trio Bellydancers have been up to: