Saturday Shimmies – bellydance practice

Do you often mean to practice your belly dance but you struggle to find the space or the peace and quiet to practice your dance?  Do you have children or pets that always seem to want to join in your practice sessions at home?  Do you want that motivation boost from having a time arranged to practise with friends?

I am organising some shared practice space on a Saturday morning 10am to noon in a lovely hall in Dorney Reach near Maidenhead, close to the M4 and with plenty of free parking.  These are not formal lessons, just time and space for you to work on your dance.  There is plenty of space to work with props you can’t play with at home.  There is room to run through routines for performance, practice drills or just review what you’ve learnt in class this week.  You can pick up some new routines or get some ideas for technique drills, you join in as much or as little as you’d like.




If you want to work with your own music please bring it on an ipod or send the music to me at ahead of time.  I can even set things up for you to work off your favourite DVDs if you let me know so I can have the screen and player set up.  It’s open to all dancers at all levels, if you get stuck for things to work on I’m always happy to suggest practice ideas or drills.

Dorney Village Hall


I am asking for a £5 contribution towards the hall hire and it needs minimum numbers to run so please do RSVP to the Facebook events or contact me if you’re planning on attending.  Either call or text me (I’m Ellen) on 07736 101 610 or drop me an email at  You are welcome to drop in on the day but do check first that the session is running, it runs most Saturdays during term time but does take a break now and again.  Times are generally 10am to noon unless numbers are very low in which case we just do an hour from 10:30am to 11:30am – the Facebook events will make it clear what the running times are.

We are likely to take a break over the summer holidays.  Please do check the Facebook group for the date you’re interested in or drop me a text message.

The hall is between Maidenhead and Windsor, close to Junction 7 of the M4 and  has plenty of free parking.  More details are at venue information.

Regular practice is the best thing you can do for your dancing.  Come try out one of the sessions!